Decorative Curtain Rods Part 1: Wooden Curtain Rods


wooden curtain rod

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Recently while decorating my new house, I discovered the many options available to decorators searching for curtain rods.  After selecting a simple curtain rod from Walmart, I visited a girlfriend’s new home and fell in love with her large and fancy curtain rod.  After spending hours on Pinterest, I discovered the world of wooden curtain rods.

While looking for window treatment ideas, I noticed that curtains are not the only important aspect to consider when shopping for stylish window treatments.  After finding the perfect pair of stylish patterned drapes, using a simple and cheap curtain rod can totally cheapen the overall look of your drapes.  Let’s take a look of some stylish window treatments using wooden curtain rods.

wooden curtain rods


This elegant seating area features Kirsch Wood Trends
Drapery.  The decorator used pull backs and patterned drapes to create this elegant, romantic look.

wooden curtain rod


While pleated floral drapes may be a bit traditional for some, the concept can be tweaked for a more contemporary look.

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