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Modern Bathroom Vanities and Sinks


One of the more expensive tasks in a bathroom remodeling project is selecting bathroom vanities and sinks. While bathroom vanities and sinks can be quite expensive, there are ways to create a stylish bathroom without breaking the bank. As with any project, the first step in staying within budget with your home renovation project... »

Basic Elements of a Contemporary Bathroom: Bathroom Vanities


The bathroom should not be left out from the modern decorating style of the house so it should also be equipped with pieces of furniture that would bring it closer to the theme. Homeowners can do this in many ways. They can start by choosing muted colors for the walls of the bathroom. It... »

Modernize your bathroom with the perfect bathroom vanity!


Contemporary Bath Decor: Bathroom Vanity Contemporary home decor is known for being sleek, sophisticated and edgy. Rid you bathrooms of the traditional sink and vanity. Check out these three hot contemporary bathroom vanity options! 1.Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Vessel Sink Faucet CBV9011g If you have limted space and great space, this is just the... »