Determing the Style of Your Home Decor: Feng Shui Decorating


Feng Shui Bedroom Decor Feng Shui is becoming very popular in home décor. Feng Shui is a form of Chinese craft that supports promoting a life of harmony based on the placements of your furnishings and belongings. “Wind and Water” is the meaning of the term Feng Shui. The arrangement of your furniture can promote health and happiness in your life as well as encourage good health and success.

Feng Shui consists of a few basic guidelines. These are:

• Clutter – Chaos
Clutter brings negative energy and hinders individual success and happiness. It is imperative that doorways are kept free of clutter.

• Plants are a positive.
Plants, especially those with rounded leaves, beautify your space and promote peace in your home and life.

• Color = Mood, atmosphere
Color selection is very important in feng shui home decorating. Colors in your home can affect your money, health and sentiment. For example:
Red  Luck
Green Harmony and growth
White  Death

• Arrangement of Furniture
In Feng Shui decorating, it is important that you can see the door from all angles. If there is an angle at which the view of the door is obstructed, be sure to strategically place a mirror to allow visibility of the door. Feng Shui decorating associates bad energy with facing away from the door.

• Sharp corners and intense overhead lighting are both negatives.

With these steps in mind, go ahead and develop your plan for your personalized feng shui home décor. Open you home and your life to health and prosperity. What could be better than a beautiful home and a pleasant life?


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