Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Creative Uses for Curtains


Are you looking for creative bedroom decorating ideas? Using curtains and window treatments are a great way to add a stylish touch to your bedroom.  I bet you didn’t know that curtains can also be used in other ways to add a touch of class to your space.  Let’s look at some bedrooms where curtains were used creatively to enhance the decor in bedrooms.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Curtains with No Window


curtains behind bedsource

While this bedroom does have a small window, curtain panels were used behind the bed to create a backdrop.  The result was similar to that of a canopy.  This is a great option to give a bedroom a touch of elegance.

bedroom decorating ideas



While searching for bedroom decorating ideas, I bet you’ve never considered creating a “wall” using curtain panels or drapes.  This elegant bedroom features a stylish tufted bed, neutral bedding, metallic accents and a fabulous curtain wall.  The curtains add texture to the walls giving the space a great deal of character.  The designer was very creative using accent lighting, jewel tones and stylish art and decorative pieces to give this room a very romantic appeal.

curtain closet



If your closet takes away from the decor in your room, add curtains.  Curtains can be used to accent your closet as seen above, or they can be used as “closet doors”.  Curtains are also pretty affordable and can be changed anything you decide to change you bedding.  How is that for versatility?

curtain closet door


As you can see, there are a number bedroom decorating ideas that incorporate the  use of curtains and window treatments.  Have you tried any of the ideas we shared here?  Do you prefer any of these over the others?  Let us know!  Send us pictures of your creative use of curtains in your bedroom!  We would love to see them!


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